Emergency Relief Camp For Sawat IDP’s

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In May 2009, Pakistan armed forces started operation against terrorism in Sawat District of Pakistan. Millions of Swat people were internally displaced. A large number of families entered in different cities of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Provence.

During this critical situation thousands of displaced families came to Mansera District, in search of shelter. Although AHSAS was in its initial stages but started Emergency Relief Camp for IDP’s. AHSAS started fundraising from local community. There was an unexpected response of local community. Everyone donated more than his/her capacity. AHSAS team was divided in two parts. Fundraisers and Relief camp administration.

Emergency Relief Camp For Sawat IDP’s.

Location:                                              Village Kotly Bala. District Mansehra.

Number of Beneficiaries:            608

Number of Families:                       327

Disabled People:                              3