Wheelchairs 2010 (8)

Wheelchairs September 2010

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It was September 2010 when Ahsas Disabled people Organization arranged the biggest wheelchair distribution ceremony in the history of district Mansehra at a small village ‘’Ichrian’’. This project was sponsored by one of our great partner, UK biased charity, AL-KHAIR Foundation. Project Director of AL-KHAIR Foundation UK, Honourable Dr. Masood Ahmad Raza came to Pakistan specially for attending this great event. Minister Atta-ur-Rehman brother of opposition leader Molana Fazal-ur-Rehman also came to attend the event. Religious scholar Allama Ghulam Nabi Shah sahib and CEO of IQRA International UK Mr. Zahid Hussaini was also there.

100 People with disabilities were selected and registered for wheelchairs. They received wheelchairs with happy faces.

A number of journalists and tv anchors were there for media coverage.

At the end of event lunch was served to all attendees. Al Hamdu lilah it was first big achievement of Ahsas Disabled People Organization.