• To work for the welfare and well beings of disabled people.
  • To uproot negative thoughts and attitude of negligence against the disabled people.
  • To make disabled people well aware about their importance.
  • To protect disabled people from becoming victims of inferiority complex.
  • To struggle for minimizing the social needs & problems ofdisabled people.
  • To give special attention for the provision of education and educational facilities of disabled people.
  • To highlight the problems of disabled people and find the solution of their problems.
  • To find the hidden talent and potentials of disabled people and   make them capable to become useful part of the society.
  • To minimize contrast between normal and disabled people.
  • To give them proper place in the society.
  • To struggle for the rights of disabled people.
  • To encourage disabled people to proceed further and further.
  • To establish “PEACE HOME” for disabled people.